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Shiksha Champs Program

Shiksha Champs is a volunteering program, where students from private schools engage in various volunteering programs under Project Shiksha. 

Through the Shiksha Champs Program -

  • We are aiming at conducting a five-week training program in collaboration with private schools

  • The participants of the program will be students from Grade 7 till Grade 9 helping them understand the importance of giving back to the community.

  • The students inculcate team-building skills, negotiation skills, and empathy which sets the foundation to be a responsible citizen and contribute in the Giving cycle of our economy.

All participants receive certificates of completion under the Shiksha Fellowship Program and are given the opportunity to participate in the on-ground activities through a dedicated site visit and a day experience at our centers.”

Our Partner Schools

Beneficiary Stories

Kumar's journey with Project Shiksha is a testament to resilience and triumph. Born in a remote village with limited access to education, Kumar's determination to succeed never wavered. Recognizing his potential, Project Shiksha provided him with vital resources and support, enabling him to excel academically. Topping his class in Maths was not just a personal achievement but a source of pride for his family and community. Beyond academic success, Project Shiksha instilled confidence and leadership skills in Kumar, making him a role model for his peers. His story inspires hope, showing that with determination and support, every last-mile student can reach their full potential. Project Shiksha believes in unlocking the potential of every last-mile child. With the continued support from our community, we wish to create an army of Kumars in the future who through the power of education will develop the potential to bring their family out of poverty.

Grade 8, Renuka Government School 

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