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We are working on a number of exciting projects aimed at digitalizing Shiksha and changing thousands of lives.

Each programme has a different structured level (beginner’s, intermediate, and advanced level). We not only provide skills like problem solving, creative learning, and critical thinking, but we also target mindsets with leadership, empathy, and confidence for a better professional future.

Our Programs


Coding Program

  • Basics of coding

  • Design webpages

  • Build apps

  • Develop websites

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Life Skills Program

  • Learn how to be a good communicator

  • Public speaking and extempore

  • Be a Storyteller


Entrepreneurship Program

  • Idea generation

  • Market Research

  • Business Model Canvas

  • Financial Planning

  • Launching and Pitching


Yoga & Wellness Program

  • Helps enhance memory

  • Develop a focused approach towards learning

  • Benefit both physically and psychologically

  • Included as a part of curriculum


Be Curious Program

  • Educational field trips

  • Exposure to science based learning

  • Hands-on experimentation


Spoken English Program

  • Emphasis on vocabulary and phonics

  • Public speaking opportunities

  • Beneficiaries include children of migrant labourers, rag pickers, farmers, domestic helpers and small scale entrepreneurs


In-House Library Program

  • Encourage reading and storytelling for children

  • Access to reading resources and storytelling sessions

  • Ignite imagination and foster a love for learning through captivating narratives

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